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Have you experienced gynecomastia? This condition affects men and involves unusually large or overdeveloped breasts. Gynecomastia can occur in men of any age and can be caused by factors such as hormones, obesity, drug use, and genetics.

At Hurst Plastic Surgery in Tucson, we offer gynecomastia surgery for men who have experienced this condition and are looking to change their body’s shape. Our board-certified and award-winning surgeon Dr. Craig Hurst has helped men and women achieve the look that helps them feel comfortable in their own skin. We offer free and confidential consultations to all prospective clients, so please don’t hesitate to reach out today to discuss your options and goals.

To discuss the gynecomastia procedure with our experienced surgeon, call us at (520) 224-3777 or reach out to Dr. Hurst online.

What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is disorder men can experience. Surprisingly, it affects as many as 40-50% of men during their lifetimes. However, not everyone with the condition experiences it severely or long enough to prompt surgery. Though gynecomastia is not harmful, many choose to take medication or have their breasts surgically reduced for cosmetic purposes.

Gynecomastia is caused when the endocrine system increases the size of male breast tissue. The disorder is usually associated with puberty when the body becomes inundated with an increase in hormones to promote growth and sexual maturation.

Typically, when adolescent boys experience gynecomastia, the symptoms usually disappear within 2 years without treatment. For the other 15% of cases, however, the condition can persist and become a source of embarrassment or self-consciousness.

There are non-surgical options to treat gynecomastia, including diet and medication. If things like diet and exercise haven't worked to remove the condition, surgery is another option.

Is Gynecomastia Surgery Right for Me?

Typically, men whose condition can’t be treated with alternative medical methods can opt for the surgery. Gynecomastia surgery corrects the sagging or stretching of the breasts and areola in severe cases of the condition. The position and size of the areola can be improved, and the skin can be tightened.

Other candidates include the following:

  • Healthy men who do not have a condition that can impair healing or cause complications during surgery.
  • Men who have realistic expectations.
  • Men whose breast development has stabilized.
  • Non-smokers and non-drug users.
  • Those who are bothered by the feeling that their breasts are too large.
  • Those with a positive outlook and specific goals in mind for improving their symptoms.

While adolescents can undergo the surgery and benefit from it, a secondary procedure might be needed in the future if their breasts continue to develop.

How It Works

First, you will meet with Dr. Hurst to discuss the potential risks, challenges, and benefits of gynecomastia to ensure you have a clear idea of what to expect. Once you are ready to proceed with the surgery, an appointment will be scheduled.

After giving you an anesthetic, Dr. Hurst may perform liposuction in cases where gynecomastia is mainly the result of fatty tissue. Thin hollow tubes called cannula will be inserted through several small incisions.

Depending on your preferences and circumstances, a surgical technique may be used in which breast tissue or excess skin is removed to correct the gynecomastia. This type of procedure may also be necessary to correct the position of the areolas.

To learn more about how the process works and how it can best fit your body and needs, feel free to reach out to our center at any time with your questions and concerns.

Expected Results* from Gynecomastia Surgery

As with any surgical procedure, the results will vary from person to person. Dr. Hurst and his team have successfully completed Gynecomastia surgery for numerous satisfied patients; nonetheless, it is best to come into the process with realistic expectations and aware of any potential risks. Dr. Hurst will discuss this with you in detail during your consultations.

The results* will be immediate after the surgery, though you may experience some post-surgical swelling or bruising. Likewise, you may have visible incision scars, but these will fade over time. Final results will take around 3 to 6 months to achieve. We are happy to provide follow-up care after your treatment.

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If you’re interested in pursuing gynecomastia surgery, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced Tucson plastic surgeon has been treating individuals with gynecomastia for decades and his services have been sought out by people around the world.

Dr. Hurst is also a board-certified plastic surgeon who participates in the American Board of Plastic Surgery Maintenance of Certification Program, which provides the most advanced knowledge and safety information to doctors. So, you know you’re in good hands.

As your physician, Dr. Hurst will do his best to make you feel comfortable with all aspects of your treatment, from your initial consultation to your post-surgery checkups. His goal is patient satisfaction, so he wants you to be happy with the results. During your complimentary consultation, you can formulate a plan that meets your goals for how you would like your appearance to change.

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