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Also called a rhytidectomy, a facelift is an effective procedure that helps minimize the appearance of age lines or wrinkles on the face and neck. Dr. Craig Hurst has over 14 years of experience in plastic surgery and fellowship training with a particular emphasis on the face. At Hurst Plastic Surgery, in Tucson, he offers traditional full facelifts or mini facelifts, depending on your aesthetic goals, to reverse the signs of aging by making your face more proportioned, fresh, and youthful.

Good candidates for a facelift:

  • Deeply creased lower eyelids
  • Prominent lines around the nose and mouth
  • Loss of volume in the face leading to sagging skin
  • Loss of overall skin elasticity

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Facelift Surgery

Dr. Hurst and his staff meet with you for a formal evaluation to discuss your aesthetic facial concerns. During this complimentary consultation, Dr. Hurst develops a personalized plan tailored to your needs and desired refinements. Your satisfaction, which is the primary goal, can only be achieved through realistic expectations.

A traditional or full facelift involves incisions made near the ears and addresses more severe age related changes to the face. It is the procedure of choice to address significant facial skin sagging, considerable neck laxity, and well developed wrinkles and skin folds. On the other hand, a mini facelift is generally recommended for more minor age associated symptoms. This procedure uses shorter incisions and is less invasive than the more traditional method. As a result of these differences, a mini facelift gives a less dramatic change in appearance with positive refinements typically evident up to six years. Since a full facelift is a more extensive procedure, changes are usually visible for up to 15 years.

Recovery can take anywhere from five days to three weeks, with subtle refinements occurring up to six months. At this time, the final refreshed appearance of the face is typically evident. Bruising should subside within two to three weeks. Compression dressings are usually applied to the face for the first few days.

Facelift Investment

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons from 2020, the average surgeon's fee for traditional facelift surgery is $8005. This sum does not include the anesthesia charge, surgical facility expense, or other related costs. A mini facelift is more limited, which is usually reflected by a lower fee. Please reach out for a complimentary consultation to further discuss facelift surgery pricing. Hurst Plastic Surgery offers clients multiple financing options.

A More Youthful, Refreshed Look

With Dr. Hurst's extensive plastic surgery experience, and as a result of his expertise acquired from his craniofacial fellowship training, he is highly skilled at providing a more youthful natural look through facelift surgery. He and his staff understand that you may experience some apprehension when considering this procedure. While results* vary for each individual, Dr. Hurst knows the risks and challenges associated with facelift surgery. He is available to discuss the many benefits of a facelift and to help determine if this procedure addresses your particular concerns.

Dr. Hurst is certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He is currently a member of Arizona Community Specialists.

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