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A brow lift is a procedure reduces the signs of aging, often along expression lines, on the upper half of your face. This includes the creases along the bridge of the nose and forehead, as well as between the eyebrows, usually called frown lines. Additionally, a brow lift can reposition a brow that is sagging over the upper eyelid. This surgery is often done in tandem with eyelid surgery or a facelift, to give a youthful appearance to the entire face. Our cosmetic surgery team at Hurst Plastic Surgery also offers expert non-surgical skin resurfacing techniques that help preserve the results of your surgery.

Some signs that may indicate a person’s eligibility for a brow lift include:

  • Sagging or hooding of the eye, sometimes impairing vision
  • Deep vertical creases between the brows
  • Deep horizontal lines along the brow, often called expression lines
  • Drooping eyebrows lacking expression

If you are concerned about the appearance of your brow and feel that some of these descriptions apply to you, you owe it to yourself to get more information on changing your look to one that is younger and rejuvenated. This is a very personal choice and it should be one you make for your own self-confidence and not for the opinion or desire of anyone else. It's easy to lose self-esteem when your face appears older or more tired than you really feel. Often these outward signs of aging are caused by internal stresses and it can be an immense relief to see them erased.

If you are eligible and interested in a Tucson brow lift, we will make sure you are fully educated on the process. You can regain a measure of youth and vibrancy. We're happy to explore this option with you. Contact us today!

Your Complimentary Consultation

We warmly welcome a visit from you at no charge for your cosmetic consultation. You will meet with Dr. Hurst and Tami, our clinical coordinator. We will start by discussing your goals and desires relating to your look. Once we know what your vision is, we can help you by discussing different options for various procedures and together develop a specific plan that works for you.

Our main priority is making sure you are satisfied with the results*. The only way that is possible is if you have a clear understanding and realistic expectations of what we can do. Your personal health and outlook can majorly impact the result of your brow lift. While a brow lift can rejuvenate you and give you a fresh, more alert appearance, it will not alter your fundamental appearance, what makes you, you! Nor will a brow lift stop the aging process. Some medical conditions can slow down the healing process. We will discuss your medical history and current health to ensure that this process is safe for you and that you will be able to heal properly. Additionally, during your consultation, we will talk about all associated costs and fees connected to your procedure options.

If you decide to move forward with your brow lift, we will schedule a follow-up consultation as well as the surgery itself. You will be provided with all of the information to take home and instructions to prepare you for your brow lift. In a short time, you will be thrilled with the face you see in the mirror!

Preparing for Your Brow Lift

There are benefits to having a planned surgery since you can prepare in advance to make sure your recovery is a speedy one. We may recommend in your consultation that you make some adjustments to your habits for a period of time before your surgery. If you are a smoker, you will need to quit smoking 6 to 8 weeks before your surgery. Our Tucson cosmetic surgeon absolutely cannot perform the surgery less than 2 weeks after having quit smoking. This is to make sure your body is capable of healing wounds properly and to minimize the risk of complications.

Some medications, such as aspirin, thin your blood and cause excessive bleeding. For your safety, you would need to refrain from taking these 3 weeks before your scheduled surgery. Please make sure that you openly discuss any and all medications, supplements, herbal remedies, or over-the-counter products you generally use with Dr. Hurst during your consultation. In some cases, we may need your physician to provide us with surgical clearance. Your actual surgery will not be performed in our office, we will schedule an appointment in an accredited surgical facility. During your consultation, we will determine the best option for your anesthesia. We take into consideration both the recommendations that are best for your surgery and history, as well as your personal preferences.

We will be happy to provide you with a map to the location of your surgery so it’s easy to find. Please refrain from eating or drinking anything the morning of your surgery, including water. Avoid any lotions, makeup, or deodorant, even if they do not cover the area of your planned surgery. We recommend that you wear clothing that is comfortable and loose-fitting, easy to change in and out of. All jewelry will need to be removed at the time of your surgery. If you have any concerns or questions leading up to your procedure, we will make sure that our trained professionals are available to you to address those.


Your recovery time may vary from 5 to 10 days. Once you have healed to a certain point, your sutures will be removed and you will be able to return to your employment and other activities. Make sure to notify your employer in advance that you will be unable to work for a period of time following your surgery.

To minimize bruising and swelling, your head may be loosely wrapped following the completion of your procedure, and there may be a thin tube to drain any excess blood or fluid.

You will be given special instructions including wound care around the site, medications to help you heal and reduce possible infections as well as potential concerns to keep watch for in your surgical site and general health. Additionally, you will have a follow-up appointment scheduled with your plastic surgeon to check in on your progress.

It is normal for there to be some degree of swelling, the compression dressings will work to minimize this. You should also do your best to keep your head elevated, especially while sleeping. Be patient and realistic over the first few weeks, since your final results may take some time to be fully visible.* While you heal, make sure to get plenty of rest, fluids, and a healthy diet, with no alcohol or tobacco products. If you have any questions about your diet or activities, feel free to discuss them with any member of Dr. Hurst’s team.

What Are the Risks & Benefits Involved in a Brow Lift?

Of course, no surgery is completely risk-free, and we encourage all of our patients to be well informed of the risks related to your brow lift. Some people do have slower healing, or in very rare cases, there could be some nerve damage. For more information on what you should be aware of before making your decision to proceed, we recommend that you visit the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

That being said, many things offset the risks. The confidence that you personally gain is long-lived, while recovery is temporary. You may have improved vision from lifting a hooded brow away from your eyes. You will feel more youthful and vibrant. Our brow lift surgeon in Tucson is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has extensive training in all forms of plastic surgery, especially the face. You can rest assured that the person you rely on to improve your greatest feature is deserving of that trust.

Schedule your free consultation today by calling (520) 224-3777 to talk to a member of our team about facial plastic surgery.

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