Thigh Lift

Tucson Thigh Lift Surgery

Shaping Your Thighs to Your Preference

Tucson thigh lift surgery is a kind of procedure that reshapes and tightens the thighs by removing excess skin and/ or fat, which can result in smoother skin and contours of the legs and lower body. If eating well and exercising hasn’t tightened your thigh area, you may want to look into a thigh lift for a firm, youthful-looking body image.

Thigh lifts can be done in the following areas:

  • Inner thigh
  • Outer thigh

Following a thigh lift, the results are almost immediate*. However, it could take several months for the skin to heal fully and your body to fully recover and adapt to your new shape. Skin quality will improve in both appearances and feel.

Is a Thigh Lift Right for You?

Thigh lift procedures may not be right for every. Read the list below to see if you are someone who would qualify for a thigh lift surgery.

Candidates for a thigh lift include the following:

  • People whose weight is relatively stable
  • Healthy individuals who do not have medical conditions that prevent fast healing or increase surgery risk
  • Non-smokers
  • Individuals with excess soft tissue along the inner and/or outer thigh
  • Those with a positive outlook and realistic goals for what a thigh lift can accomplish
  • Individuals committed to leading a healthy lifestyle, including pursuing regular fitness and proper nutrition

Because thigh lifts don't involve removing excess fat, your surgeon may call for liposuction for the best results*. Talk to our experienced surgeon about the process before the surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about Tucson thigh lift surgery, contact our office to schedule a consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon.

How Does A Thigh Lift Work?

Thigh lifts are surgery, meaning you will be anesthetized before the procedure begins to keep you comfortable during the process. After you have been given a type of general anesthesia, the type of incision will vary depending on the area of focus and the best judgment of your physician. For inner thigh lifts, one technique includes making a cut from the groin downward, which wraps around the back of the thigh. Another method removes excess skin from the groin down to the knee using a cut along the inseam. Some may just require a minimal incision that only involves a cut in the groin area.

For outer thigh lifts, your surgeon may cut from the groin around the hip and across the back. More advanced techniques allow incisions in strategic locations, where scars are less visible beneath clothing and swimsuits. After the procedure, your surgeon will either use sutures, skin adhesive tapes, or clips to close the cuts used to make the incision.

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