Dr. Hurst in the News


The mother of seven month old Sebastean Sanora recalls her shock when told that her son had a Bilateral Cleft (commonly referred to as cleft lip). Like all new parents with their first child, the Sanoras expected a perfect, healthy baby.

At the age of just three months, little Sebastean was scheduled to undergo a procedure with Craig Hurst, MD a Diamond Children’s specialist in pediatric reconstructive surgery. Naturally, sending their infant off to surgery was a very difficult experience for Mr. and Mrs. Sanora but they felt confident in a good outcome. “Dr. Hurst was very assuring. He spent a lot of time explaining the procedure and answering all our questions. He made a point of telling us that he would take his time and do everything possible to reduce the need for future surgeries,” shared Maby Sanora, Sebastean’s mom, “Our experience with everyone at University Medical Center was very positive.”

The surgery was a great success and three months later an adorable, healthy Sebastean participated in the California Tropics Baby Pageant in Mesa, AZ where he was a big prize winner in multiple categories including the most meaningful one for Best Smile. “We always loved Sebastean’s big smile, but since the surgery, it’s exciting to see others respond so positively to him as well” said Ms Sanora.

Next, Sebastean and his new smile are off to the International Finals in Anaheim!

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