side view of womans face

The nose is a critical feature of the face. Its appearance and correlation with other facial features are important because of its central location and the fact that it projects outward giving the face dimension. Therefore, its frontal and lateral views are fundamental in shaping the overall aesthetics of the face. A nose that is proportional, visually appealing, and compatible with the rest of the face will enhance all other facial features resulting in balance and harmony. 

Closed or endonasal rhinoplasty is a technique used to address all major aesthetic and structural nasal concerns without making any external incisions. In contrast, an open or external rhinoplasty is performed with some incisions placed outside the nose usually on the columella. Most people are good candidates for the endonasal approach including those who have undergone a prior rhinoplasty. The advantages of closed rhinoplasty are numerous. It typically requires less operative time compared with the open technique. There is decreased nasal injury and scarring. Patients experience less swelling and bruising which leads to shorter recovery and faster return to normal activities.

Dr. Craig Hurst has subspecialty training in closed rhinoplasty surgery. He is one of the few cosmetic plastic surgeons in Arizona who offers this particular rhinoplasty technique as an option. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons from 2020, the average surgeon's fee for a rhinoplasty is $5483. This amount does not include the anesthesia charge, surgical facility expense, or other related costs. Please reach out to Hurst Plastic Surgery in Tucson for a complimentary rhinoplasty consultation to discuss improving the appearance and function of your nose with Dr. Hurst.