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Cost of Gummy Bear Implants

For a limited time, our team at Hurst Plastic Surgery is thrilled to announce that you can have the breasts you want for a price you’ll love. We currently are offering breast augmentation surgery using “gummy bear” implants for only $3,800. This includes the implants, facility, and anesthesia costs. (New breast surgery patients only). The offer expires December 2018.

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Breast Augmentation in Tucson, AZ

Breast augmentation can help you achieve the bust of your dreams, feel more confident in your own skin, and look years younger. With our “gummy bear” cohesive gel implants, you can trust that your bust will be looking its best for years to come. Learn more about these revolutionary implants and their benefits below.

Benefits of Cohesive Gel Breast Implants

There are many benefits to gummy bear implants, which can make them a great choice for many patients. These pros include:

  • They last longer. Gummy bear implants were designed to hold their shape for far longer than traditional implants. The silicone gel material used in creating gummy bear implants is a thicker material than traditional silicone implants, so they are far less likely to lose their shape over time.
  • They’re less likely to fold or wrinkle. Because the material used in cohesive gel implants creates a distinct shape, it is less likely to migrate once placed. The tighter molecular bonds of the high-strength gel ensure that the shell is less prone to collapsing, which can cause the unsightly wrinkles and folds.
  • They’re less likely to spring a leak. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for breast implants to leak or break open, especially as the implants age. Cohesive gel implants are less likely to develop the folds that cause strain on the material, so they are less likely to rupture. Additionally, the semi-solid interior prevents the filling from shifting too much.
  • They look more natural. For women seeking a more natural appearance, gummy bear implants are a fantastic option. The rounded base and teardrop shape of these implants provides a better shape than the traditional round implants.
  • They may lower the risk of capsular contracture. When internal scar tissue forms a tight capsule around the implant, capsular contracture can occur. This is the most common issue in breast augmentation procedures. Due to the unique makeup of these implants, this side effect is less likely.

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